Meet Dr. Vinny

Dr. Vinod Miriyala received his degree in Dentistry (BDS) from Amravati University, India in 1997; MPH from The Ohio State University; completed a Dental Public Health residency from University of Pittsburgh in 2000 and received his Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from Boston University in 2003. Later on he completed a fellowship program in Community and Hospital Pediatric Dentistry at Children’s Hospital of Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Miriyala is a certified Pediatric Dentist in West Virginia. His primary interests are providing oral health care to very young children, from new born onwards through their teenage years and special needs. He educates families and caregivers about the important role of their own oral health in their child’s oral health.

Dr. Miriyala has been practicing and teaching Pediatric Dentistry exclusively since 2003. He has played an active role in organizing and participating in oral health programs for children in the communities like Give Kids A Smile. Dr. Miriyala is a member of many health care professional organizations both locally and nationally. He has been recognized by American Dental Association as one of the few nationally trained Evidence-Based Dentistry Champion.

He works and interacts closely with other medical professionals like Pediatricians and Family Practice physicians to provide comprehensive and complete care to your children.

He has been living and practicing in Huntington, WV for the past couple years. Along with his wife, who is a Child Psychiatrist and they have a 3 year old daughter. Dr. Miriyala goes by the name “Dr.Vinny” for his patients. He is available to talk to you and your child regarding the importance of oral health care in the early years of life and how to make a healthy foundation for a healthy life in the future. After all, oral health is part of overall health.